Ultrasonic-TENS-Nerve And Muscle Stimulate

Ultrasonic-TENS-Nerve And Muscle Stimulate physiotherapy instruments are used as important parts of pain management therapy. These medical instruments are required to treat post operative pain, joint pain associated with arthritis and back pain to name a few.

ECG Amplifier

ECG Amplifiers are used for transforming cardiac electric signals into output signals for effective monitoring by computer controlled systems. These electrocardiogram amplifying trainers are user friendly and these are accessible in analog and digital versions.

Electromyography EMG

Electromyography EMG educational trainers are used to impart knowledge on muscle health determination process along with the functioning of motor neurons that are instrumental in controlling those muscles. These trainers can be availed in 2 and 4 channels based design options.

EOG Amplifier Trainer

EOG Amplifier Trainers are educational training solutions for demonstration of pick voltage condition. Offered simulator based trainers have BIOWAVE software for error free determining of frequency, time and voltage of electric signals.

EEG Amplifier

EEG Amplifiers with simulator trainers are used for demonstrating electrical activities of human brain through simple procedures. These semi automatic biomedical systems are accessible in analog based mechanism. Long working life is one of the key aspects of these amplifiers.

ECG Arrhythmias Simulator

ECG Arrhythmias Simulators 12L-15A-P LCD Display are reliable options to display simulation output. These 12 channels based digital instruments are suitable for testing as well as for calibration of computer monitor, amplifier and ECG based systems.

Phonocardiogram System

Phonocardiogram Systems are instrumental in detecting and recording of high as well as low frequency cardiac sound. Featured with ABS housing, these medical systems have user friendly operating interface. Reliable mechanism is one of the key features of this product range.

Diabetic Instruments

Diabetic Vibrosenses are used as essential parts of diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. These medical systems are useful to check the necessity of insulin pump of any diabetic person. These systems support USB data transferring technique.

Micro Controller Kit

Microcontroller Training Kits are useful for automatic conversion of microcontroller based codes. This array of training solutions has PC connectivity arrangement via keyboard. These user friendly training kits can be used as standalone units.

Bio Signal Simulator

Meant for educational and research purpose, this range of Bio Signal Simulators are used for student training and project utilization purpose. These systems are useful for testing of pacemaker, defibrillator, ECG and EEG.

Heart Lung Machine Trainer

Healthcare professionals, especially those who perform surgery or provide help in OT during open-heart surgery, are trained with this heart lung machine trainer. This training device works just like a real heart-lung machine and is designed to stimulate all its functions and operations. By using this device, professionals and staff can learn to operate and manage heart-lung machine during cardiac surgery.

Pacemaker Simulator

Pacemaker simulators are used for testing and calibration of life saving pacemakers. These educational trainers are well known for their accurate mechanism, user friendly display arrangement, semi automatic operation and usage of multimedia based learning program.


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